1. says

    I have used FB many many many times placing the little adds that appear on the right side of the page….. I have done this with about 7 adds and I got 1 like out of all of the adds. I do not think that the paid adds on the right side of the page works. I don’t think anyone even looks at them. I don’t. And yet I placed 7 adds. They did me no good whatsoever and I fell like I wasted my money.

    I have started a social campaign with constant contact. It is going for 2.5 weeks which they will place the add 8 times on FB at different times. So far I have only the results from the 1st day which was on a Wed morning. I have 1 like and no one has signed up and added their emails. Too bad because I am a salon advertising for a free prom up-do. After I get email addresses I am going to send a prom special to all of those people. I am going to do prom up-do’s for $39.99 which is anywhere from $10 to $40 off the other prices in my town. (And I called every salon to see what they charged – so I feel like I am knowledgable in that perspective).
    If the other dates of the constant contact do not prove any higher ratings, then I will be left to believe that the internet is NOT the biggest of advertisers. Right now I am thinking positive and hoping for the best to grow my business.

    • Jack says

      Melody, I”m sorry to hear that your Social Campaign isn’t going well. There are a lot of variables in running an effective sweepstakes. I’d be happy to take a look at your campaign and offer some advice. Feel free to email me the link at

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