Snarf’s expands into new states, world bike speed record, and how to use anchor text for SEO… [video]

May 24, 20133 Comments

Welcome to the 90th Feature of Friday’s Informal Films!

Oh, hi! Welcome to the 90th feature of Friday’s Informal Films! Did you know that 90 is the number of minutes in a soccer match?  It’s also 10 episodes away from our 100th episode – and boy do we have big plans for that one.  Thanks for watching and enjoy today’s show!

Snarf’s Sandwiches Expands into other States!

Do you like sandwiches?  They’re one of the most popular food choices in America and Boulder has one of the best sandwich shops around – Snarf’s!

Long a popular Boulder sandwich choice, other states will soon get a taste of Snarf’s as the company recently announced plans to expand.  Since opening its first shop in Boulder in 1996, Snarf’s currently operates 15 locations in Colorado, Missouri and Illinois.  Future plans will expand in those states as well as bringing them to the Lone Star State of Texas!  Yee haw!

In even more Snarf’s news, the company also just opened their first location serving hamburgers!  Appropriately called “Snarfburger,” you can find it at the intersection of 20th and Arapahoe in the old Daddy Bruce’s BBQ building.  They’re serving up amazing-looking burgers (including a veggie variety), hot dogs and fried bologna with cheese and mustard.  Mmmm, I’m getting hungry!  Check ‘em out and let us know if you like Snarf’s…

Do you know how fast you were going?

Do you like riding bicycles like Chris Woodley?  Do you like going fast?  How about 163MPH…?

French cyclist Francois Gissy likes going fast on his bike – really fast.  Not content with simply finding a big hill and bombing down it, he went with attaching a rocket motor.  This YouTube video shows how he recently set a world record by hitting 163MPH on his highly modified bicycle.  Pretty crazy stuff, but we have to agree with one YouTube commenter – how did he not think to attach a GoPro camera to his bike to record this insanely momentous feat???

How to use Anchor Text in your blog posts for SEO

This week’s pro tip is all about optimizing your blog posts for search.

When writing content in your blog posts, remember to use anchor text to link to relevant pages on your websites.

Anchor text is the clickable blue hyperlinks you see in website text. You can use anchor text to link to relevant articles or blog posts that you’re referencing, and for your own benefit, to Pages within your website.

Let’s say you offer landscaping services in Boulder. If you were to write a blog post about the top 10 edible plants to grow in Boulder, it would make sense to end the blog post with something like, “View examples of our landscaping services portfolio to get fun ideas for your garden, and be sure to Like us on Facebook.”

In that sentence, making the words “landscaping services” a hyperlink to the services page on your website would be great for SEO, whereas making something like “click here” as anchor text wouldn’t have the same benefit because it’s missing keywords.

A good rule of thumb is to have two anchor texts to internal pages of your website on every page. It’ll be fun, and Google will really like it.

Check out our search engine optimization and web design services to see how we can help you.

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