1. says

    I had a feeling the blooper was going to be from that sentence!
    Yes to the ProTip.
    I would f*#king NEVER get a vibrating tattoo.
    Yes keep the remarkable report as well.
    I use 1Password. Same company as OneID I think. Interesting……

  2. Rob says

    Love your life plant in the background.

    Can you control the length of the
    vibration in the Tattoo?

    Have a nice weekend.

  3. Janet Taffet says

    Do you think a vibrating tattoo would burn extra calories?
    Yes to more Pro Tips, because I get to learn about things like vibrating tattoos. I’m not subscribed to any other lists that talk about such things. Maybe I should be?
    Think you should get rid of the philodendrum in the background. Messes with your FungShui.;-)

    • says

      Janet, it’s a Saturday afternoon and I’m taking care of the philodendrum once and for all. It will be healthy by our next meeting. As far as other places to get pro tips, I’ll email you some ideas.

  4. Donna says

    Love the goodies. You always make me laugh and you give me something useful.

    P.S. I would have to be a REALLY GOOD vibrating tattoo. :)

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